Resident grants

The promotion of contemporary art is the main concern of Schloss Plüschow, the artists’ residence in Mecklenburg. In addition to the exhibition projects, a differentiated artist-in-residence programme was established. Several grants for visual artists are announced every year – artists from both home and abroad can apply for them.

International artist exchange

Ever since its inception, Schloss Plüschow has been working on establishing diverse international contacts and has been a member of “Res Artis”, the international union of artists’ residences. In this way, artists from all over the world come to the artists’ residence to spend a creative period there, and the exchange enables artists from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to work in artists’ residences in other countries.

Artists’ residences

The five studio-cum-apartments can be freely rented by artists on a temporary basis independently of the grant programme. Many artists from all over Germany take advantage of this year-round offer.

The programme of exhibitions in the Artists’ Residence

The programme of exhibitions, which is related to current societal subjects, is one of the most important pillars of the work performed by the artists’ residence and its association of supporters. The exhibitions, which are always conceived in line with a context, always give rise to work related to space and place, and regular performance programmes are hosted at the opening events. Symposiums and workshops deal with current cultural or art historical issues. The support of these international types of art is a special interest of the artists’ residence. The subject-related exhibition projects are realised in conjunction with changing curators.