Ñ... in a malestrom-mind, on the verge to collapse, the synapses fry like in an electric shortcircuit... the neurotransmittors evaporates in a desert chimera; and a PoincarÈ-cut of the speachregion on the left hemisphere of the cerebreal cortex would look like a supercell of tornados spiking down the axons...whata a thrill to soar on the heatwaves of autistic lifesaver of highcurrent voltage might formate as two defilibrators with helix cords winded up in some Lorenz-loop, trying to shock the dyslectic parrot-like-brain bach on track...but there will be no Maxvells demon to conduct the kakaphony of the overded there won`t...just a whirlpool of tangled nonsens, minced up in tiny bits and pieces with chopped o - is it me and my body, or is it me and my what meaning might galvanize from this cloudy mental climate and condense to nucleus ideas... what "new dish" is sorted our from the debris when the storm has sandblasted the table into a "tabula rasa"...a vast lightcone of abandoned happeninhorizon..."

E- Einzelausstellung, G- Gruppenausstellung, P-Performance

1988 View-Life in a Mirage (e,p), Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm

1989 Festivale Oliphonix (g,p), Centre George Pompidou with Centre Culturel Suedoise, Paris Beyond our Control (e,p) Gallerie LegerMalm– with Gallery Nordanstad-Skarstedt, Stockholm

1990 Biosph”r III (e,p) Gallery Riis, Oslo

1991 Scuola d`Obligo (G),Pescara Arie (g), Spotelo De Europa (g), Erice

1992 Supercells (e), Galerie Lars Bohman Expo - 92 (g,p) Tequila Flashlightbar III Swedish Pavillon, Sevilla Paesaggio con rovine (g) Gibellina

1993 Fehl am Platz (g) Grossbunker, Berlin Amygdala (e), Galleri Eklund, Umea Aperto, (g) Venice Bienale

1994 Climate Chambers (e), with Riksutstr”llningar travelled through: Atlas Copco, Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm Drammen, Galleri RIis, Oslo Pulpfabriken, Galleri Stefan Anderson, Umea Konstens Hus, Lulea Erzig (g) Moderna Museet, Stockholm What`s in your mind (g) Technical Museum, Stockholm


Lars Bergstr–m geb. 1962 Mats Bigert geb. 1965 Bigert-Bergstr–m geb. 1986 1985 -90 University of Fine Arts, Stockholm


1995 Climate Chambers Kabelfabriken, Galleri Anhava, Helsinke LOOP (e,p), K¸nstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin Disneyland after dark, (g), Uppsala Konstmuseum

1996 INTERPOL (g) F”rgfabriken, Stockholm Disneyland after dark, (g), Kunstamt Kreuzberg, Berlin Rauma Biennal, (g), Raume Art Museum Geben und Nehmen, (g) Schloþ Pl¸schow Bubblegum Pink (e), Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm