Information about the renting of studios in Schloss Plüschow, artists’ residence

(valid from 01 January 2018)

The village of Plüschow is located in the north west of the state of Mecklenburg, to the north of Schwerin, between Wismar and Lübeck. The palace accommodates five studios which can be rented to artists for a limited period of time (up to approx. three months).
The scenic and peaceful location paired with the spaciousness offer the perfect working conditions for artists.
The studios are located in the attic storey and on the first floor, and each have a studio and a living-cum-bedroom as well as a bathroom. The living-cum-bedrooms are furnished, have a fully equipped kitchenette, a bed and a spare bed. The studios feature worktops and shelving.
Each studio has its own telephone connection and a DSL Internet connection (for a flat rate of €5 per month) via a cable network, and Wifi.
The palace is home to an etching studio and a library which the artists are at liberty to use.
The rent includes all utilities except electricity. Electricity and telephone charges will be charged for separately in accordance with consumption.
A surcharge of €8 per night is payable for every further adult.
We apply a surcharge of €10 per month for pets.
We charge a flat rate of €5 per month for the use of the Internet.
Use of the engraving studio costs €3 per day.